The Potential of Internet Media, Realized

Real-time video and audio is one of the most tantalizing promises of the Internet-and often one of its most frustrating goals. AOS Technologies makes it as easy as it should be with a line of products that minimize expense and effort.

Basing its products on the concept of Direct Network Access (DNA) and System-on-a-Chip, AOS Technologies develops animation compression technology, network data transfer technology, and embedded operating system design technology. Using these core technologies, AOS develops and sells ubiquitous network camera products and security network device products. Also, AOS Technologies also provides OEM products to various partners.

Ubiquitous Network Camera
  • Wavelet Network Camera Server (for kindergarten/plant)
    WebCam E10

  • MPEG4 Streaming Server (kindergarten/TV station/wedding center)
Security Network Device
  • Network Security Camera
    WebCam SPD

  • Image Distribution Server With HDD Recording Function (ATM/coin parking)

  • Embedded Digital Recording and Networking System

  • Rack Type Network DVR System

  • Network Camera Integrated Control Software
As for the US version, some of the product names are different.