Developed our own movie compression technology, network transfer technology, embedded operating system design technology based on the DNA(Direct Network Access)technology, and System on Chip based on the ubiquitous concept. AOS Security Company developed and provides security network devises including DVR series, ubiquitous network camera products, which include web cam series.

IP VOICE image
Developed and provides VoIP, security, animation compression technology, VoIP product development based on the QoS. Utilizing the stable high sound and VoIP technology, "iSeeWeb" is a next generation communication solution, which made NAT possible, and minimizes the server burden, in a Peer to Peer fashion.

Developed a digital mobile 3G solutions, installed "talk, view, use" function which provides special operational machines, images, sounds transfer systems suitable for mobile phone to the FOMA, KDDI, Vodaphone. Our motto is to bring "3G solution and home network solution" in order to improve work and life environment. We study and develop the 3G streaming server terminals "M4BOX BB" for the 3G cell phone. We also integrate our own network technology, and movie technology. We have released "iSeePet 2004" as the ultimate product.

Developed software "Terminator" and "FinalData". Terminator is the data erasing software, which protects your privacy and data from leakage. We are also responsible for "FINAL DATA", data recovering software which has been rated No.1 world wide. Also, we sell "AOS 3D VR", which takes 3D(vertical, horizontal, 360 degree view) images and edits them in 20 minutes. With this remarkable product the 3D process is effortless and quick.

Modern information technology is evolving on two paths: data transmission and data storage. As businesses and individuals seek ever more powerful data delivery tools, capabilities of compression, bandwidth, and network transmission evolve at an accelerated rate. AOS Technologies information technology makes flexible network transmission easier than ever before-and recovery of fragmented files more reliable than you might have hoped.

AntiSpyware Software, "FinalStopper 4.0" New Release (4/15/2005)

AOS International Inc. is established. (12/1/2004)

AOS Partners Up with Vidyah, Inc. for eLearning Business (10/13/2004)
AOS announces "Sign Language interpreter on the internet" (10/11/2004)
AOS Partners up with StompSoft Bringing FinalData 2.0 to US Retailers (10/4/2004)
AOS announces "i-Receptionist", a company Reception Desk Management System (09/15/2004)
AOS Technologies Launches Its 3D VR Solution Studio (August, 2004)
AOS Technologies Partners Up With Xybernaut Corporation in Mobile Products Venture (7/7/2004)
AOS announces a new security system, Digital Image Recording System: Easy remote controller operation (6/22/2004)
AOS launches a new web site "iSeePet", providing pets information (6/17/2004)
Takamasa Sasaki, CEO of AOS Technologies provides presentation at "Homeland Security Summit " Exposition"
360-degree Panoramic Image Capture Solution to Be Exclusively Offered by Xybernaut Unique AOS Video and Mapping System has Homeland Security, Military and Commercial Uses (12/17/2003)