EnCase Forensic Tool

Media Analysis Software

Industry leading computer forensics tools
Flexible investigation is possible with this tool

■ Features

  • Encase can be easily used for the inspection of relevant files including deleted files, file slack and unallocated space, as well as for evidence management of large quantities of files.
  • Create an exact replica in binary form, with verification by hash value generation. Admissibility as evidence has been established in many courts in the United States.
  • In addition to Unicode and Japanese CodePages, various languages such as Arabic and Chinese are supported.
  • Built-in viewer that supports more than 400 file formats. Many file formats are thus viewable.
  • Encase supports a variety of OS, file systems, and email software.

■ Main Specifications

Index function, reporting capabilities, and the ability to customize with its own language.

■ Specification of media analysis software

Product Name EnCase Forensic
Model Number G-0004
Supported File System - FAT12/16/32
- EXT2/3 (Linux)
- Reiser (Linux)
- UFS (Sun Solaris)
- AIX Journaling File System (JFS and jfs)
- LVM8
- FFS (OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD)
- Palm
- HFS+ (Macintosh)
- ISO 9660
- TiVo 1 and TiVo 2 file systems.
Supported Mailer - Outlook PSTs/OSTs (‘97‒‘03)
- Outlook Express DBXs
- Microsoft Exchange EDB Parser
- Lotus Notes v6.0.3, v6.5.4 and v7
- AOL 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 PFCs
- Yahoo
- Hotmail
- Netscape Mail
- MBOX archives
Accessories - Install CD
- English Manual CD
- Dongle
Options - EnCase ProSuite
- FastBlocSE
- FastBlocFE3
- CD/DVD Module

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